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He used the grant to form True Names Limited (TNL), a nonprofit making organization headquartered in Singapore. We can trace the origin of ENS to the Ethereum co-creator’s 2014 whitepaper for the network. The first acknowledged effort of creating what would eventually become a web3 naming system exists in EIP-137, as Nick Johnson cites three years later.

  1. If you have further interest in Web3 and would like to learn more about the space, check out additional articles here at Moralis.
  2. When you use it to send or receive crypto, the exchange or dApp you use will automatically detect your crypto address.
  3. Better still, you can assign several addresses to your ENS domain, implying that you only need a single human-readable domain to receive any digital currency or NFT.

Based on this hierarchical structure of ENS, owners of a domain at any level have full control over configurations of subdomains. As such, if John owns the ”john.eth” domain, he has the ability to create ”pay.john.eth” crypto wallet security and make any desired configurations. Moreover, these configurations can either be for the users themselves or others, providing a high degree of freedom for the owners to distribute domains freely.

Changes to the protocol are governed by the ENS DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, by way of governance voting. It is possible to import a DNS name into ENS, so that a .com can make use of the blockchain. In the early days of the Internet, information was queried by using IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. In 2018, ENS branched off from the Ethereum Foundation into its own project with the help of a grant from the EF to continue development and building of the protocol. The easiest way to understand ENS names, is with a comparison to DNS (Domain Name System). Each use case can be mapped to a different capability of your Ethereum account.

You will officially own a domain on Web3, which you can then connect to your wallet or use for whatever purpose you see fit. It is not possible for ownership of an ENS name to be infringed or censored as outlined in the ENS DAO Constitution. As a simple example, Vitalik.eth is an ENS name that maps to 0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045, an Ethereum blockchain address. Eventually, DNS or Domain Name Servers were created to bridge the gap between what machines needed to use and what humans were able to understand and remember. Early on the need was known to create a naming system for the blockchain.

Add “.limo” to the end of any .eth domain to resolve the content hash in your browser. Today, you can type a .eth name into a Brave browser, and it will resolve to a website if that .eth name has a content hash set. A .eth name, which is an ENS name registered on the Ethereum blockchain, can be used as a domain name to host a website. Generally, the ENS DAO has a delegate system as its foundation, which allows members to choose their representatives. As such, individual members can suggest proposals or amendments, and others will vote on them.

Now, as the owner of that domain you can set up the different addresses or information you want that name to link through as well as any subdomains. Right now, the primary purpose of ENS is to give people and applications an easy way to read and share crypto addresses and make Web3 more digestible. ENS takes the same concept of the Domain Name Service (DNS), which mapped simple website names to their IP addresses, to make crypto addresses easy to read and share. In contrast, instead of relying on centralized root servers, ENS uses immutable and transparent smart contracts stored on the Ethereum blockchain to resolve records.

Who Founded ENS?

As such, the registry is relatively straightforward and primarily exists to plot terminology to the appropriate domain resolver. Besides, they function similarly as they operate on a system of dot-parted tiered nomenclature called domains. Thus, it improves the user experience for Web3 and makes crypto more appealing to mainstream users. ENS tokens can be bought at a number of different exchanges such as Binance, FTX and more.

Types of ENS names

To accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, finding the hitches and barriers that inconvenience users are essential. One of these hitches is the long and random crypto addresses, which are almost impossible to remember or memorize. They are technically meant for computers as the end users and not humans. The ENS governance token is a token created on the Ethereum blockchain. They are traded by speculators, as are most crypto tokens, but the token also serves a specific role in the ENS community.

No one would have imagined but today we have almost 300,000 domains registered on ENS alone owned by over 100,000 people. But given the dominance of Ethereum, it is likely that .eth domains will be to Web3 what .com was the 11 best bitcoin wallets of 2020 revealed! to Web2. It’s time we explore some fun facts about the .eth domains ENS offers to users. As crypto grows and goes mainstream, developers have devoted much of their efforts to finding solutions to this usability issue.

Any number of records can be created, and resolved by smart contracts on the blockchain to find the location of those resources. Since you store your domain registration records on Ethereum, you can easily find them through Ethereum’s block explorer – Etherscan. The explorer allows crypto users to access Ethereum transactions such as wallet balance, amount, and transactions.

What is ENS Used For?

With your wallet connected, you can search for your desired domain to ensure it’s available. If it is, you can simply follow the steps provided by the dapp to acquire your domain! However, keep track of gas costs as these make up a vast majority of the total costs and can vary quite significantly. DNS names can contain multiple records that point to various locations that Internet services use. For example, a DNS mail record, or MX record may point to the location of an email server used to deliver email to the correct servers.

If the browser you use doesn’t currently resolve .eth names, you can use gateway services, like, to load .eth websites in ANY browser. As technology and society evolve, it is likely that there will be additional use cases for ENS names in the future. EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding), an upgrade to the Ethereum protocol, lays the groundwork for danksharding and is the first step towards lower gas fees. The first task of the ENS token holders was voting on the core principles, which contain rules to educate the community on how to govern ENS. Moreover, the ENS constitution recognizes decentralization and integration as the primary goal of the DAO.

Bitget Token

This means that if you use the ENS.js JavaScript library or any end-user application, it will autonomously detect the network you’re interacting with. As such, it makes sure that the ENS deployment is used on that particular network. As we mentioned in the previous section, there are some similarities between ENS and DNS. However, they also work similarly since they both operate on a structure of “dot-separated” hierarchical names known as “domains”.

As such, follow along as we dive deeper into the question, ”how does Ethereum Name Service work? You can also link it to files uploaded to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS.) Then with the use of specific plugins, anyone with access can view these files as web pages. For Web3, we needed something better, something more resilient and decentralized. We can bet our Ledger wallets on the fact that you’d want to go with the short and sweet

Crypto addresses are long strings of numbers and letters designed to be read by computers. If you have further interest in Web3 and would like to learn more about the space, check out additional articles here at Moralis. For example, you can learn more about Web3 contracts, Solidity, the metaverse, and much more. You’ll then need to connect the ultimate guide to create a social media app development your MetaMask wallet to the dapp by pressing the ”Connect” button at the top left of the ENS interface. Suppose you’re interested in DAOs and would like to learn more about how these organizations work. In that case, we recommend checking out the following article from Moralis, providing a tutorial on how to create a DAO yourself.

You can buy ENS on popular exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, BKEX, and Digifinex. Navigate this page to find the full list of marketplaces for buying and selling ENS tokens. If a member wants to introduce or amend some rules, he sends a proposal to the DAO for the rest of the team to vote.

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