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When she answers it, a disguised voice telling her to be ready for Sage and Savvy’s breakup, and that her life ends now. The episode ends with the person hanging up and the screen going black. Once her mother has left the room, Brooke easily gets onto her feet and tells her friends that the coast is clear, to which Alicia and Rachel race in. Rachel, previously on negative ground with Brooke, makes amends with her. Brooke then announces to the both of them that they are going to ruin Savannah’s social life. Later that day, Savannah, while at home, is confronted by her irascible parents, who angrily berate her for having injured Brooke and getting herself suspended.

She is very friendly with Savannah Reed, but her kindness does not make up for Savannah’s suspicions. She can speak some English but her main language is French. He is the school ‘Hottie’ He dated Brooke Hayes (above) for three years.

  • Genny decides to tell something to Savannah that’s happened at school but never gets the chance to finish and is cut off as Savannah’s mom comes back and takes the phone from her.
  • Savannah counteracts their accusations by justifying her perspective, but her parents barely take her side into account.
  • Once her mother has left the room, Brooke easily gets onto her feet and tells her friends that the coast is clear, to which Alicia and Rachel race in.
  • Sage gets out of the car to investigate after they hear the sound again.
  • Brooke then attacks Savannah and leaves cuts all over her face.

After Savannah gets her makeover, Brooke gets jealous of her and Sage, her own boyfriend, and tries to make Savannah’s life a living nightmare. Brooke turned “I have my papers ready to go, you have 24 hours.”he said before walking away, leaving Gigi/Mimi on Savvy’s porch. Savvy ran to the cricket but, was taken by surprise as Brooke grabbed the leash “come on Gigi” she said, then pulled the whining cricket behind her. Brooklyn Hayes is the infamous leader of the Barbie dolls, OCD’s elite girl group.

Malcolm – Brooke’s current boyfriend and a famous model. She appears to love him deeply, although in a private scene it is revealed that she does not care all that much about him. Brigitte LeBlanc is an exchange student from France who recently moved in with Sage Bond. She is very good friends with Sage, and was once under the impression that she and Sage were cousins. Brigitte is considered to be very beautiful, as she became popular almost instantly.

lps popular

He leaves Brooke’s party, obviously still in love with Savannah. She texts her friend Rachel to “ruin her” by spraying ink on her from her pen. Brooke begins to make fun of Savannah’s weight, telling her she looks like a sausage, making Savannah cry.

After Mimi walks up to her, Brooke repays Savvy by cuddling with Mimi and making unfriendly remarks that offend Savannah. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Brooke has a dream about Sage and her, with her new boyfriend, Malcolm, standing next to her hospital bed. He then leaves, kissing her head as Brooke watched, awoken by her dream. When Malcolm has left the room, a tear runs down her cheek. Savannah Reed – Lina meets Savannah after she comes to Orange County Day and introduces herself right away. The next day at school, Lina and Genny compliment Savannah’s simple outfit saying it’s “totally fab”.

“I missed you Rachy!” “I missed you too Brooky. Nobody kills my best friend and lives to tell the tale. I was wrong about that little wiener dog.” Rachel said. Sage breaks her heart telling her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore, much to Brooke’s satisfaction, but Brooke then sees that Savannah sitting regularly with Tom Dawson at lunch. After school, she creates a plan called “Operation Fry the Sausage” to “destroy” Savannah. She invites Rachel and Alicia to her house, to tell her about her new plan, but soon, at lunch the next day, she sees that Tom has asked Savannah out.

Currently, season one has been finished and season two is almost done. Popular is still an ongoing show, and currently has two seasons and 29 episodes. The series brought small YouTube fame to SophieGTV, often getting over a million views per episode.

lps popular

Savannah, because of her kind nature, would never hurt Brooke. In the season premiere of season 2, she reveals that while she doesn’t like Brooke, she still cares for her. Brooke, on the other hand, hates Savvy and wants to destroy her, and even went as far as hurting her. The next day, Savvy unwillingly gives Brooke her cricket back. Although Mimi wants to stay with Savvy, she tells her that she has to go with Brooke and why she can’t run away again.

Later that night Sage and a treated Savvy decide to go on their first date, and Sage is able to covince Savvy to stop her anorexia.

lps popular

At lunch, Lina is seen sitting close to Larry, giggling with him. After seeing that Brooke is back, she warns Savannah. She’s then shocked to see that Brooke has a new boyfriend named Malcolm. Savannah calls Lina and Genny for a talk and Lina mentions how fast Brooke moved on. When Savannah asks if they think it was Brigitte who wrote a threat letter to her, Lina says she definitely doesn’t trust her. Alicia Hamilton – One of Brooke’s friends and the third most popular girl at OCD.

lps popular

They broke up at her party and now he dates Savannah Reed. At the beginning of Season Two Brigitte LeBlanc arrives all the way from France. Brigitte is ever so close with Sage and is Savannah’s suspect for the notes on her locker.

Her best friend Brooklyn Hayes had also moved there in 8th grade. She is elated, especially when she discovers that she’ll be attending the same school Brooklyn goes to. There she meets Angelina Davis, a friendly cat who helps her decipher her schedule. Angelina introduces Savannah to her best friend Genevieve Ryan, and the three begin hanging out.

Savannah’s rivals are Brooke and, more recently, Brigitte, who has become a possible threat to her relationship with Sage. Angelina is introduced as a friendly girl who helps the newly enrolled Savannah Reed around school. Angelina then introduces Savannah to her best friend, Genevieve Ryan. The two of them then discuss to her about how horrible the most popular girl in the school, Brooklyn Hayes, has been to them. Savannah protests this and doesn’t believe them saying that Brooke is the sweetest girl on the planet, as she’s known her since childhood.

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